The Premier Preschool For 1-Year Olds In Jacksonville

Our preschool offers the perfect learning environment for your pre-toddler. At 12 months, most are walking effortlessly, looking a pictures in books, coloring with crayons, and identifying shapes. Inside our Child Development Center our pre-toddlers work in small groups and participate in a wide range of age-appropriate, theme-based activities designed to stimulate and nurture the development of motor skills, sensory ability, personal language, and vocabulary.

We ease your child into the transition from the Infant Nursery to the Pre-Toddler Classroom. Teachers spend time with your child in the nursery to help them become more knowledgeable and to develop a strong, loving bond to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible.

Child development activities include something new every day. Their curriculum-based lesson plans are different each week. They participate in creative painting, dramatic play, science experiments, sensory exploration, fun learning games, short stories, music, song, and dance movement.

Our Child Development Classroom
and Early Learning Curriculum

At our Child Development Center, two early learning teachers work with no more than five age-one children at a time. Though these children share the same pre-toddler classroom and depending on attendance, pre-toddlers are typically divided by age into two groups: one for younger one-year-old children and a separate group for older pre-toddlers from about 18 to 24 months of age.

Just as in our Infant Day Nursery, our Foundations for Success Pre-Toddler Curriculum organizes learning experiences in two ways:

  • Lesson plans developed throughout the year and are separated with a bi-weekly theme to improve teacher efficiency
  • Within each theme, learning experiences are organized by age group to ensure material is appropriate

The pre-toddler curriculum is comprehensive and supportive of preschool teachers ensuring children age one achieve their goals. The interactions between the children and their child development teachers are nurturing, consistent, and loving as well as appropriately challenging.

Our pre-toddlers grow and flourish in this environment. We focus on early education, trust, exploration of classroom surroundings, discovery, and the development of a sense of themselves as fast learners balanced with caring for and getting to know their classmates.

Our Child Development Program

Personal Language & Vocabulary Development

  • Learning interactions with the teacher to build independence and confidence
  • Exciting storytelling
  • Pronouncing letters with word games
  • Identifying, learning and naming of colors and shapes through artwork
  • Singing songs with music and movement
  • Encouraging cleaning by naming toys
  • Responding to teacher’s questions
  • Building listening skills with guided directions during activities

Cross Curriculum

  • Learning science and sensory perception
  • Participating in cooking projects, creating art and performing dramatic play
  • Providing literacy foundations, language and vocabulary building
  • Using blocks and manipulative building toys
  • Learning pre-math skills (matching, counting, number recognition)
  • Developing fine motor development

Potty Training Time

  • Helping prepare your child for toilet training – when ready
  • Ensuring teachers have a positive attitude towards potty training
  • Encouraging your child to sit on the potty chair
  • Scheduling potty breaks
  • Ensuring teachers recognize signs to use the toilet
  • Reinforcing your child’s effort with verbal praise
  • Celebrating the transition from diapers to training pants
  • Using disposable training pants during nap time

Daily Group Time

  • Providing daily reading aloud and story time
  • Building vocabulary
  • Participating in rhythm and movement, songs and finger plays
  • Learning shapes and colors
  • Introducing numbers and letters
  • Introducing “first name” recognition

Bi-Weekly Child Development Themes

THEME #1: Cold & Icy

  • Things that are cold
  • Places that are very cold
  • Animals that live in cold places
  • Clothes I wear in cold weather
  • Opposites: hot/cold
  • Nursery rhyme: “Winter”
  • Community helper: Antarctic Scientist

THEME #2: As Easy As A,B,C

  • What are letters
  • Putting letters together can make words
  • Letters are everywhere
  • Letters in different languages
  • Opposites: hot/cold
  • Opposites: straight/curved
  • Nursery Rhyme: “Betty Botter”

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