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A parent or guardian may enroll a child by completing the following:

  • Fill out the Rattles to Tassels Enrollment Form before the first day of school
  • Bring proof of your child’s School Entry Health Exam (Department of Health Form DH3040) and Florida Certification of Immunization (Florida Department of Health Form DH680) within 10 days of enrollment

Our tips on preparing your child for daycare or preschool

Daycare or preschool is a new and very exciting experience for every child. We want to help ensure your child embraces the new experiences of transitioning from home to school and address any possible fear associated with a different environment, new people and a brand new routine. So, we offer the following tips on how to introduce your child to daycare and preschool:

  • Build excitement by always speaking of “going to school” as a pleasant and joyous event
  • Take time to talk with your child about new possible experiences, such as meeting new friends and looking forward to an important first year in school
  • Prepare your child to understand:
    • You will not stay when they are dropped off, but a teacher will be
    • The teacher will always be there and introduce new, fun activities
    • New friends will be made at school
    • Getting to know the teacher will be fun – so interact with the teacher so your child feels comfortable and secure when you leave

It’s up to you to set the stage. Remember, the first few days of daycare or preschool can be a very happy or potentially unhappy experience for your child. Their acceptance of the idea can be greatly influenced by your words and actions on the first few days. Guard your actions about leaving your child in tears. When the child realizes you are not available, the willingness to accept the teacher’s guidance comes more readily and becomes easier to accept. You might consider:

  • Placing the hands of your child into those of the teacher to assure that you will return for later that day – then, leave promptly. Your child may have some fears and anxiety about being away from you and in a new environment for the first time. Remember, this is perfectly normal.
  • Treating the situation as though it is perfectly normal for you not to be with your child when daycare or school starts

Children simply need time to adjust to their new surroundings. Plus, you can feel completely comfortable that our daycare staff is there for your child when its time for you to leave. And if you would like, please feel free to call during the day to see how your child is doing.

Hours of operation

Monday through Friday
6:30am until 6:30pm


School bus transportation is not provided at this time. Children transported in a parent’s vehicle must be seated and secured in a child-restraint system.

Registration fee, supply fee and tuition deposit

Tuition fees are used to reserve or hold a child’s classroom seat. Tuition amounts are not prorated if your child does not attend a full five days at preschool. For example, if your child missed two days of school during a five-day week, we cannot adjust your tuition to reflect a prorated amount for the days attended. The weekly tuition rate is established for the sole purpose of holding your child’s spot in the classroom, not for services rendered.

At the present time, we do not offer pay-by-the-hour or daily-rate tuition plans.

The following fees are due upon enrollment:

  • One-week tuition payable on-or-before the first day of school
  • $50 Registration Fee payable on-or-before the first day of school
  • $50 Supply Fee, per child, is due in February and September of each year
  • All payments are non-refundable


For your child’s safety and to comply with state regulations, all health forms and enrollment papers must be completed and on file at the Center prior to your child’s first day of attendance. The following items must be submitted at the time of enrollment.

  • Form 3040 – Student Entry Health Exam (physical examination)
    Due within 10 days of enrollment
  • Form 680 or 681 – Florida Certification of Immunization (shot record)
    Due within 10 days of enrollment
  • Child’s birth certificate (used for proof of age for the VPK Program)
  • Rattles to Tassels Learning Center Enrollment Form
  • Rattles to Tassels Document Receipts Form
  • Court order for guardianship, custody orders, restraining orders or
    protection orders – certified true copies, only
  • One-time registration fee
  • Annual supply fee
  • Valid government-issued photo I.D. for parents and/or legal guardians
  • School readiness financial assistance form, VPK contract or NACCRRA contracts transferred to our preschool
  • Tuition payment for first week of attendance
  • Immunization | physical requirements

REMEMBER: Florida law requires that students must have on file a Florida Certification of Immunization (DH Form 680) or have an exemption on file at their school. To meet the requirements for a Florida Certification of Immunization, a child must have the Physical Examination (Form 3040) and Immunization Record (Form 680) provided to us within 10 days of enrollment:

Brought-in items

Any item brought to the Learning Center for your child must be labeled with your child’s first and last name. Items may include:

  • Infants: Wipes, diapers, blankets, and a change of clothing
  • Age 1: wipes, diapers, blankets and a change of clothing. Pacifiers are strongly discouraged.
  • Age 2: wipes, diapers (pull-ups/ training pants), blanket and a change of clothing. Pull-ups should have velcro snaps on each side.
  • Age 3: blanket and a change of clothing
  • Age 4: blanket and a change of clothing

Note: all blankets are sent home on Friday to be laundered and returned on Monday.

Due to space limitations we strongly discourage backpacks and car seats.

Tuition payment policy

Monday — Tuition fees due for the week of care
Tuesday — $20 late fee charged if payment is not received before 6:30pm

If tuition, including any late fees, is not paid before close of business on Tuesday, your child will not be allowed to continue care.

Wednesday — Your child will be dis-enrolled and their seat made available to newly enrolled students until tuition payment is received.

Weekly tuition amounts are based on time reserved for your child and not on actual time a child spends at the center. There are no reductions or adjustments in the weekly tuition rate should a child not be in attendance at the center. We reserve the right to release any personal information to a collection agency for unpaid accounts.

Late pick-up fee

Children who are picked-up late and remain at the center after 6:30 pm will be subject to the following late pick-up fees:

  • Picking up your child after 6:30 pm is subject to a $20 fee for each 15-minute period after 6:31 pm
  • We requires that you sign the Late Pick-up Statement confirming the time of pick-up; late fees will be calculated and the total late fee must be paid the next business morning when dropping off your child. We cannot make exceptions to this policy.

Drop-off policy

All children should arrive in their class by 10:00 am to ensure that your child gets the most out of their school day. We do not allow drop-off between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. This is to allow your child or children the undisturbed resting and napping they require.

VPK students must be dropped off before the start of their class. Please review the VPK Contract and VPK Attendance Policy. Per the Early Learning Coalition guidelines, VPK students are not authorized to enter the VPK class once the class has began. If your child has a medical appointment, a physician’s note must accompany their return to school. Please give us a courtesy call so we are advised.

No soliciting

For security purposes, soliciting is prohibited on facility premises. Soliciting includes verbal or written advertising for alternative childcare providers, babysitting and nanny services.

Vacation or occasional absences

No refunds shall be made for sick days or absences. Refunds, credits or make-up days cannot be granted. If your child is sick for more than two days, please call so we are advised. It is important for our teachers to know if a child will be absent for more than two days.

Children with a School Readiness (Voucher) or to participate in the Early Learning Coalition (ELC) VPK program must provide a note from their doctor if absent more than three days, per month. School Readiness administrators will not accept handwritten notes from parents. A physician’s note is required.

Families in the full-time program are entitled to two-weeks of vacation. The two-week vacation consists of two separate periods of five consecutive weekdays. The two-week vacation is valid each calendar year (January 1 through December 31). Twelve (12) consecutive weeks of enrollment must have occurred prior to using the two-week vacation time. So you will not be charged, we require a two-week notice prior to the vacation time.

Childcare fees are based on enrollment and the space that we are reserving for your child, not solely upon attendance. To maintain a reserved space, weekly tuition must be paid during the absence of your child due to illness, holidays, vacation, or any other reason. Families in the full-time program are entitled to two-weeks of non-billable vacation.

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