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We offer a fun, structured learning environment for three-year-old preschool children to get them ready to shoot for the stars! As a leading Jacksonville preschool our teachers offer daily challenges without overwhelming your child’s learning experiences. Children enjoy building blocks and building friendships through group activities using manipulative toys in a stimulating, colorful preschool environment.

The preschool classroom is a fun setting that focuses on your child’s development of new skills. Their use of language grows daily, while the math-and-science reasoning ability begins to take off. Once a child experiences success with potty training and other preparatory activities that child is now ready to advance to the next level. Our multi-disciplinary learning center works hard to ensure the success of mastering individual skills and further discovering new interests in academics through creative thinking, art expressions, and outdoor learning while at play.

The preschool three-year-old classroom’s curriculum encourages children

Preschool teachers in the three-year-old classrooms work hard to encourage your child’s problem-solving and cognitive skills as well as the critical thinking abilities used for math concepts and reading. Building blocks and mathematical manipulative toys promote your child’s ability to forward-plan, find solutions to problems, and think creatively.
At our Child Care Center, your child will continuously be involved in elaborate art projects to promote individual creativity and self-expression. Your toddler will spend time engaging in physical fitness through song and dance activities to improve coordination. We ensure a vast range of different activities is incorporated into each of our weekly lesson plans.

Our goal is to ensure you child masters reading through the Links to Early Learning curriculum

The three-year-old preschool curriculum implements the Links to Early Learning curriculum. Our preschool teachers know your child’s success is centered on reading. So, our preschool educators coupled with the Links to Early Learning curriculum is a
one-of-a-kind program that focuses on your child’s development. Links to Early Learning offers science-based instructional programs and addresses the real-life challenges of building reading readiness skills in toddlers and prekindergarten children.

Our Center Director’s primary focus is on the overall well being of your child. So, we consistently evaluate this program. Our direct objective is to bring the parent, child and teacher under a combined effort to ensure that every child is given a chance to become a successful reader.

Your preschool child’s ability to begin reading is very important to us because the ability to master reading is one of the one of the most critical skills for success in school and life. We believe preparing your preschooler for reading success is accomplished in tiny steps. Your child’s success is reinforced through the positive messages we convey in a variety of ways, each and every day. Our goal is to create a positive learning environment in the classroom while taking time to help your preschooler individually to build confidence and develop a high self-image.

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