FREE VPK & Summer VPK Education Programs

Save $50.00 on Childcare Every Month when you Pay Monthly!Our VPK and Summer VPK early learning programs can have a positive impact on your child’s future. VPK or Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program, are for children living in Florida who will be age four by September 1. If eligible, your child can participate in Florida’s FREE Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) education program. If your child turns age four after September 1, then you can participate in Florida’s FREE Summer VPK education program.

There are lots of benefits of our Early Learning and VPK Programs. Remember, the most important growth and development in the brain happen by age five. Your child’s ability to be attentive and to follow directions emerges in the early years. Structured learning programs like Summer VPK fosters the ability for later success in school and life.

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