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Much Attention Is Given To Our Infants!

Infant Nursery in Jacksonville at Rattles to TasselsOur Infant Day Care in Jacksonville, FL is perfectly equipped and staffed to properly care for your 6 Week old to 1 Year Old child. As a new parent, we realize that you are extra-concerned about the care your infant will receive during their time with us. Below are some of the most common areas of interest and what parents are primarily concerned with when they visit our Infant Day Care at Rattles to Tassels:

  • Our infant day care in Jacksonville, FL was created with an emphasis on size, effectiveness, safety and security. There is room to play safely and be monitored closely while awake or napping, and to be cared for properly.
  • Everything touched by a child is sterilized daily and changing tables are sterilized after each use.
  • Changing tables are positioned to allow our caregivers to always maintain supervision.
  • Diaper changing frequency and procedures are strictly followed.
  • In a loving and caring environment, your baby is cuddled, rocked and played with by professionally trained caregivers.
  • To ensure a sterilized infant classroom, shoes are not allowed inside the infant area. All adults must wear preschool provided shoe covers.
  • Your baby is assigned a personal crib and cubbie storage space. We do not allow infants to share cribs. Since each infant is assigned their own special crib for the duration of their time at our infant daycare nursery. Only full-time child care is available for infant children.
  • Play is based on exploration, stimulation and sensory. Music plays a big part of the stimulating environment we create in or infant daycare  nursery.

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Our Infant Day Care Caregivers

  • Each caregiver is uniformed in clean, hospital-type scrubs and or lap jacket clothing.
  • All infant caregivers are Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPD/AED certified or certified within 45 days of hire.
  • You will receive a Daily Report from your child’s caregiver at the time of pick-up. A detailed listing of what occurred throughout your child’s always be readily available for you to take home. We will document such things as each diaper change, bottles and meals served and annotate how your child was feeling throughout the day. Everything that occurs throughout your child’s day is documented so you are aware of your child’s entire daily routine.
  • Video cameras are installed inside the infant daycare nursery just to give you an added piece of mind knowing your child is cared for in a very safe and secure environment.
  • Our Jacksonville infant daycare nursery “Foundations for Success Program Curriculum” is designed to foster the growth and development of your precious little one.
  • Child development all starts with a super clean, highly safe and secure place to begin exploring. We’ve done that! Now, your baby can start exploring the world around them. Your infant child in our care will be monitored very closely and begin using the Foundations of Success curriculum for their development. The Foundations for  Success is a School Readiness curriculum approved by the Florida Department of Education. The Foundations for Success Infant model is the curriculum we use in our infant child development program. This program curriculum places emphases on four foundational areas necessary in supporting infant development: 1.) Relationships 2.) Movement 3.) Language 4.) Senses and Perceptions

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